Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 5

Q1. A lightning stroke current of 10 kA strikes a line of 400 \(\Omega\) surge impedance. What is the over voltage caused when a direct stroke occurs over the top of an unshielded transmission line?

Q2. Choose the correct equation for transmission of voltage \(T_v\). (\(Z_l =\) Surge impedance of load, \(Z_s =\) Surge impedance of line)

Q3. The units of inertia constant are:

Q4. Which one of the following statement with respect to Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC) system is TRUE?

Q5. Which type of HVDC link can provide more than half the rated power transfer capacity under the fault in any one conductor condition?

Q6. Statement 1: The string efficiency of a DC system is 100%.
Statement 2: Suspension insulators are made up of porcelain.

Q7. Wind energy conversion devices based on drag force

Q8. The impedance value of a generator is 0.2 pu on a base value of 11 kV, 50 MVA. The impedance value for a base value of 22 kV, 150 MVA is

Q9. The ratio of drop off value to pick- up value of a relay is known as

Q10. The capacitance per kilometer of 3-phase belted cable is 0.09 F between the two cores with the third core connected to the lead sheath. Determine the core to neutral capacitance for the 5 km long cable.