Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 3

Q1. In the differential voltage gain & the common mode voltage gain of a differential amplifierare 48db & 2db respectively, then its common mode rejection ratio is

Q2.  In voltage divider bias, \(V_{CC} = 25\: V;\: R_1 = 10\: k\Omega;\: R_2 = 3.3 \: k\Omega; \:R_C = 2 \: k\Omega;\) and \(R_E =1\: k\Omega\). What is the collector current?

Q3. Let a typical audio amplifier have a transfer function \(G(j\omega) = 10 / (1 + j\omega/100)\)

Q4. An n- channel JFET has \(V_p = -6 \:v\), and \(g_m = 0.25 \: mA/V\). What will be the value of \(I_{DSS}\) for an applied gate to source voltage \(V_{GS} = - 3 V\) ?

Q5. The main advantages of Schotky devices is its least

Q6. If the \(f_T\) of a transistor use in a certain amplifier is 75 MHz and the bandwidth is 10 MHz, the voltage gain must be

Q7. Guard driving reduces the

Q8. A dc power supply has no-load voltage of 30 V,and a full-load voltage of 25 V at full-load current of 1 A.Its output resistance & load regulation ,respectively are

Q9. The DC current gain of a transistor \(\beta_{dc}\) is designated with an equivalent hybrid parameter as

Q10. For emitter bias, the voltage at the emitter is 0.7 V less than the