Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 2

Q1. Assertion (A): Inverters and choppers use fast-switching thyristors
Reason (R): Fast-switching SCR has a low turn-off time.

Q2. For a single phase square wave inverter, what is the persentage of the third order harmonic component in relation to the fundamental component

Q3. For variable frequency applications, ______ is used

Q4. A periodic waveform possessing half-wave symmetry has no

Q5. In a mercury arc rectifier_________flow from anode to cathode.

Q6. When the positive gate voltage is applied to the MOSFET, it is said to operate in the

Q7. The di/dt rating of an SCR is specified for its

Q8. A thermistor is inherently suitable for temperature measurement involving

Q9. Which of the following will happen if a voltmeter is connected like an ammeter in series to the load ?

Q10. Creeping in energy meters can be prevented by proving