Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 2

Q1. The average value of half wave rectified voltage with a peak value of 200 V is________.

Q2. A coil of inductance \(L\) henry is connected in parallel with an \(R\:\Omega\) resistor. The current flowing through resistance and inductance is \(I_R\) and \(I_L\) respectively. What is the value of the current drawn from the supply?

Q3. An alternating voltage \(V=200 \sin 100t\). Find the amplitude and frequency.

Q4. When four capacitors of capacitance \(\frac{1}{4}\: \mu F\) are connected in series, the resultant capacitance will be

Q5. An emf of 16 volts is induced in a coil of inductance 4H. The rate of change of current in the coil must be

Q6. An AC voltage is given by the following equation:
\(V(t) = 4 \sin3t+ 8\sin 6t\). Calculate its RMS value.

Q7. An active network is supplying a load. Rth and Vth at the terminals to which the load is connected is 15 Ω and 90 V respectively. Then maximum power supplied to the load is

Q8. The power consumed in a circuit element will be max when the phase difference between the current and voltage is

Q9. Ohm is the unit of all of the following except ?

Q10. \(Q\) factor of an RLC series resonance circuit is: