Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 1

Q1. Which relay operates during the removal of one phase of the large induction motor?

Q2. The reactive power transfers over a line mainly depends on

Q3. Resistance switching is normally restored in case of__________.

Q4. What is the unit of synchronizing coefficient 'T' ?

Q5. If the inductance and capacitance of a system are 1.0 H and 0.01 µF and the instantaneous value of the interrupted current is 10 amps, the voltage across the breaker contacts will be

Q6. The charging current in the transmission line

Q7. The following sequence currents were recorded. \(I_{positive} = j1.653 \: p.u., I_{negative} = –j0.5 \: p.u. \: and \: I_{zero} = –j1.153 \: p.u.\). The fault is

Q8. Three unequal impedances are fed by a balanced 3-phase system through 3-phase 3 wire system. The impedances are connected in star. The sum of three line currents is

Q9. Rubber gloves are safe upto

Q10. The relay used for feeder protection is