Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 5

Q1. What will be Excess - 3 code for decimal ( 376 )?

Q2. The asynchronous Mealy machine consists of

Q3.  The address bus with a ROM of size \(4096 \times 8\: bits\) is

Q4. To count from 0 to 1024, how many numbers of flip flops are required?

Q5. The output of a JK flip-flop with asynchronous preset and clear input is '1'. The output can be changed to '0' with one of the following conditions.

Q6. A multiplier circuit consists of

Q7. The initial output of SR flip-flop Q is 0. It changes to 1, when a clock pulse is applied. The input S and R will be

Q8. De Morgan’s first theorem shows the equivalence of

Q9. The SOP form of logical expression is most suitable for designing logic circuits using only

Q10. The number of comparisons carried out in a 4 bit flash-type A/D convertor is