Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 1

Q1. A multiplexer has

Q2. A buck converter operating at duty cycle of 0.5 with input voltage of 150 V dc supplies an RLE load consist of R = 5 \(\Omega\), L = 4 mH, E = 50V. The input current of the buck converter will be,

Q3. A dc voltage source of 250 V is supplying R-L load through an SCR and latching current for an SCR  is 130 mA . Compute the minimum rate of width pulse required to turn ON the SCR in case load consists of R = 25 \(\Omega\) in series with L = 0.5 H.

Q4. A single-phase thyristor-bridge rectifier is fed from a 230V, 50 Hz, single-phase, AC mains. If it is delivering a constant DC current of 10 A, at firing angle of 30°, then value of the power factor at AC mains is

Q5. In a series circuit which includes \(R = 2.4\: \Omega ,\: L = 25\: \mu H\), capacitor C and a thyristor for obtaining self commutation in the circuit, the value of capacitor should be

Q6. The 440V is applied to 3 phase AC to DC diode rectifier with resistive load circuit. The average dc voltage across the load will be ______V

Q7. The effective channel length of a MOSFET in a saturation decreases with increase in

Q8. The figure shown above represents construction of which of the following?

Q9. In DC chopper

Q10. single phase full wave thyristor converter is supplying an RL load. The supply voltage is 200 V, and triggering angle is 60º. If the load is drawing a constant current from the source the output voltage will be