Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 5

Q1. The insulation resistance of a domestic wiring is to be measured. The instrument preferred is

Q2. How should a fuse be installed in a circuit to ensure proper operation?

Q3. Which of the following colour is used for radiation hazard?

Q4. According to the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, which transformers shall be protected against incipient faults by differential protection?

Q5. Any generating company may establish, operate and maintain a generating station without obtaining a licence under _______ if it complies with the technical standards relating to connectivity with the grid referred to in clause (b) of section 73.

Q6. The Electricity Act is an Act of _______________of India enacted to transform the power sector in India.

Q7. The quadratic electro-optical effect is also called:

Q8. Insulating materials have the function of

Q9. The current flow in a semiconductor is due to
1. Drift current
2. Displacement current
3. Diffusion current

Q10. The temperature above which the ferromagnetic materials lose their magnetic properties is called