Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 4

Q1. If '\(K\)' is the degree of series compensation, then the power transfer through the series compensated transmission line is increased by a factor of

Q2. The positive, negative and zero sequence impedances of a 200 MVA, three-phase, 15 kV, star-grounded, 50 Hz generator are j0.15 pu, j0.1 pu and j0.02 pu respectively on the machine rating base. The machine is unloaded and working at the rated terminal voltage. If the grounding impedance of the generator is j0.01 pu, then the magnitude of fault current for a b-phase to ground fault is __________

Q3. If the fault current is 4000 A, the C.T. ratio is 400/5 and the relay plug setting is 100%, the plug setting multiplier will be

Q4. A 3-phase transmission line operating at \(V_s = 400 kV\) and it's \(ABCD\) parameters \(A= D = 0.9∠0°, B = 100∠°90 \Omega, C = 0.6 \times 10^{-6}∠90° \mho\). Calculate the value of shunt reactor required to compensate the Ferranti effect.

Q5. Find the number of layer in ACSR conductor, if there are 37 strands in transmission line

Q6. If \(n_1\) is the refractive index of the core, \(n_2\) is the refractive index of the cladding, \(\phi_i\) is the incidence angle and \(\phi_c\) is the critical angle, then for total internal reflection

Q7. For a transmission line\(V_S=AV_r+B I_r\), \(I_s=CV_r+D I_r\) then \(I_r\) equals

Q8. For a generating unit, the fuel input in millions of \(Btu/hr\) is expressed as a function of output \(P_G\) in MW by \(0.035P_G^2 + 6.5 P_G +150\). Determine the equation for incremental fuel cost in \(Rs/MWhr\) as a function of \(P_G\) in MW based on fuel cost of \(Rs. 2 \: per \: million \:Btu\).

Q9. If the severity of single line-to-ground fault at the terminals of an unloaded synchronous generator is lesser than that of 3-phase faults, then __________ where, \(X_1\) is the positive sequence reactance of the generator,\(X_{g0}\) is the zero sequence reactance of the generator and\(X_n\) is the neutral reactance.

Q10. In a power network, 375 kV is recorded at a 400 KV bus. A 45 MVAR, 400 KV shunt reactor is connected to the bus. What is the reactive power absorbed by the shunt reactor?