Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 4

Q1. In a typical Op amp the common mode rejection ratio should be

Q2. The width of depletion layer of the PN junction

Q3. Identify the above clipper circuit type?

Q4. The main reason why electrons can tunnel through a P-N junction is that

Q5. The properties of an ideal Op-amp

Q6. \(X = 01110\) and \(Y = 11001\) are two 5-bit binary numbers represented in two’s complement format. The sum of \(X\) and \(Y\) represented in two’s complement format using 6 bits is:

Q7. For the circuit shown in Figure, the output function Y is______________.

Q8. An eight stage ripple counter uses a flip-flop with propagation delay of 75 nanoseconds. The pulse width of the strobe is 50 ns. The frequency of the input signal which can be used for proper operation of the counter is approximately

Q9. Minimize the given boolean expression:
\(A + B [AC + (B + \bar C) D]\)

Q10. The output of the circuit shown in the figure is equal to