Year 2023

Week # 4 Quiz 2

Q1. A single phase half wave diode rectifier with RE load is supplied by a source voltage of 230 V, 50 Hz and for R=18 ohm , E=100 V. Find the peak inverse voltage(PIV) of diode

Q2. Assertion (A): Inverters and choppers use fast-switching thyristors
Reason (R): Fast-switching SCR has a low turn-off time.

Q3. The di/dt rating of an SCR is specified for its

Q4. The input frequency used in half wave and full wave rectifier is 50 HZ. Then the output has a frequency of ____ Hz, ____ Hz.

Q5. A power MOSFET has three terminals called_________.

Q6. Optocouplers combine

Q7. The average value of load voltage in a half-wave converter with resistive load can be varied by varying the thyristor firing angle. What is the relation between firing angle \((\alpha\)) and conduction angle \((\delta)\)?

Q8. Creeping is the phenomenon which occurs in

Q9. An ammeter is a

Q10. Which of the following current transformers should saturate faster.