Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 5

Q1. In an open loop control system,

Q2. In a temperature control system, what conversion in signal takes place?

Q3. The transfer function technique is considered as inadequate under which of the following conditions ?

Q4. Which of the following components is absent in a block diagram?

Q5. Source power is modulated with ............... in a closed loop system.

Q6. Time constant is defined as the time taken by the response of the system to reach ______________?

Q7. Which among the following plays a crucial role in determining the state of dynamic system?

Q8. The stability margin of a control system provides information about its:

Q9. A 50 Hz operation, a single phase transformer has hysteresis loss of 200 W and eddy current loss of 100 W. Its core loss at 60 Hz operation will be

Q10. A 6-pole, 50 Hz, 3-phase induction motor has a full load speed of 950 rpm. What will be the speed at half-load?