Year 2023

Week # 2 Quiz 3

Q1. The speed of a DC shunt motor is required to be more than F.L. (Full Load) speed. This is possible by ___________.

Q2. A synchronous generation is delivering a balanced load at unity p.f. The phase angle between line voltage and line current is

Q3. The field poles and armature of d.c. generator are laminated in order to reduce its

Q4. The transformer works on the principle of:

Q5. The terminal voltage of a               generator vary widely with changes in load current.

Q6. Maximum value of torque angle \(\alpha\) in a synchronous motor is________degrees electrical.

Q7. Which of the following is NOT true for a slip ring induction motor?

Q8. A DC motor with armature resistance of 0.5 \( \Omega \) is connected to a 230 V supply. Find the starting current in the armature.

Q9. V and inverted V curves are obtained for _______.

Q10. Poles of dc machine are often laminated to