Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 5

Q1. The value of 110111 in decimal system is

Q2. The largest positive number that can be stored in a computer that has 8-bit word length and uses two’s complement arithmetic is

Q3. For the circuit in Fig., the output expression 'Y' is given by_______.

Q4. The address bus with a ROM of size 1024 × 8 bits is

Q5. In a binary R/2R ladder D/A converter, the input resistance for each input is

Q6. When the output of a sequential circuit depends on the present input as well as previous output states, the circuit is called

Q7. The parity of the binary number 1100110

Q8. The NAND gate output will be low if the two inputs are

Q9. The main working memory used by the computer are

Q10.  If J and K are shorted in a JK flip-flop, the resultant flip-flop is _______