Year 2023

Week # 1 Quiz 1

Q1. A star circuit has element of resistance R/2. The equivalent delta elements will be

Q2. Laplace Transform of the function \(e^{-2t} \sin 3t\) is________.

Q3. Find the circuit current for the following loads connected in a building if supply voltages are 230 V AC :
(a) 4 lamps each of 500 W
(b) 4 fans each of 100 W
(c) 1 TV of 200 W

Q4. An 18 V source has an internal resistance of 70 \(\Omega\). If a load resistance of 33 \(\Omega\) is connected to the voltage source, the load power, \(P_L\) is

Q5. A 100 V source has a series internal resistance of 1\(\Omega\). The maximum power that can be delivered to the load is

Q6. Lamp A of 80 W, 200 V and lamp B of 50 W, 200 V are connected in series across a 200 V supply. Which lamp will glow dim?

Q7. In the measurement of power by two wattmeter method in three phase circuit, when one of the wattmeter shows zero reading, it can be concluded that

Q8. In the measurement of 3-phase power by two wattmeter method, if the two wattmeter readings were equal, then the power factor angle of the circuit would be:

Q9. An RLC circuit has a resonance frequency of 160 kHz and a Q-factor of 100. Its band width is

Q10. Domestic supply of 220 V, 50 Hz signifies that the peak value of the voltage waveform is