Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 3

Q1. State true or false for the following statements.
1. All meshes are loops but all loops are not meshes.
2. Kirchhoff's laws cannot be applied to non-linear circuits.

Q2. If the distance between two point charges of Electricity is doubled, the electrostatic force between them will be

Q3. Two networks are said to be dual when

Q4. Which element of graph theory specifies a subgraph of a graph by allowing the incidence of exactly two branches at each node?

Q5. When there is a voltage source between two nodes which method is preferred?

Q6. Consider the following statements about feeding 3-phase loads from a balanced 3-phase supply and choose the correct option.
Statement 1: In an unbalanced delta-connected load, the sum of the three-phase voltages is zero. Statement 2: In a four-wire system, the voltages are always balanced irrespective of balanced or unbalanced load.

Q7. Which of the following transfer functions represents under-damped second order systems?

Q8. If there is a constant error in the output signals, derivative control will

Q9. The closed loop dynamics of a system is of second order. In order to improve damping of this system, one should

Q10. The damping ratio of a system having the characteristic equation (\( s^2\) + 2\(s\) + 8) = 0 is