Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 5

Q1. The transient response, with feedback system,

Q2. The output of the feedback control system must be a function of ____________

Q3. The second derivative input signals modify which of the following ?

Q4. The concept of "gain margin" in control systems refers to:

Q5. Open Loop transfer function of a system is \(G(s)\). If a negative unity feedback is added to the system. Its transfer function will be

Q6. In State space representation, an \(N^{th}\) order differential equation can be represented with _____equations each of ____ order.

Q7. The disadvantages of the linear system are:

Q8. By which of the following the system response can be tested better ?

Q9. The rotor of a four-pole, 50 Hz slip-ring induction motor has a resistance of \(0.2\:\Omega\) per phase and runs at 1425 rpm at full-load. Determine the external resistance per phase which must be added to reduce the speed to 1200 rpm, the torque remaining same in both the cases.

Q10. A 200/400 V, 20 kVA, 2-winding transformer is connected as an auto-transformer to transform 600 V to 200 V. Calculate the KVA rating of the auto-transformer.