Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 4

Q1. An astable multivibrator can be triggered

Q2. The depletion region or space charge region in a semi-conductor P-N junction diode has

Q3. If '\(\alpha\)' is the forward current gain and '\(\beta \)' is the current gain, then in BJT,__________.

Q4. The use of Op amp is generally not preferred as

Q5. The cutoff frequency of an op-amp equals the unity-gain frequency divided by

Q6. The full scale of a DAC is 10mA. If resolution is to be less than 40 μA, then required bits are

Q7. \(X = 01110\) and \(Y = 11001\) are two 5-bit binary numbers represented in two’s complement format. The sum of \(X\) and \(Y\) represented in two’s complement format using 6 bits is:

Q8. What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number 368

Q9. The decimal equivalent of hex number 1A53 is

Q10. Minimum number of NAND gates used for representing EX OR and EX NOR gates are __________, ________ respectively.