Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 2

Q1. A network has 7 nodes and 5 independent loops. The number of branches in network is

Q2. ABCD parameters of two port networks relate the following:

Q3. In the Standard B-H curve X axis and Y axis intercepts respectively represents

Q4. Determine the effective inductance of the series connected coupled coils as shown in the given figure.

Q5. An open coil has

Q6. A 120 V voltage source has a source resistance, \(R_S\) of 60\(\Omega\). The equivalent current source is

Q7. For the coupled circuit shown in Fig., where \(i_1 = 5 \sin(2t)\) and \(i_2 = 0\), \(v_1(t)\) is given by

Q8. An RLC series circuit consists of \(R=16\:\Omega\),\(L=5\:mH\) and \(C=2\:\mu F\). Calculate the quality factor.

Q9. The frequency of a sinusoidal signal is 50 Hz. What will be the period of the signal?

Q10. A coil having an inductance of 100 mH is magnetically coupled to another coil having an inductance of 900 mH. The coefficient of coupling between the coils is 0.45. Calculate the equivalent inductance if the two coils are connected in series aiding.