Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 3

Q1. A 10 KVA, 2500/250V single phase two winding Transformer is used as an auto transformer. Find the rated LV winding current in 10 kVA.

Q2. In order to save energy during braking, which of the following method is used?

Q3. Stepper motor rotates at a minimum angle that is dependent on

Q4. The residual magnetic field of DC shunt generator is destroyed accidently. It can be restored

Q5. The rating of transformer may be expressed in ____________.

Q6. In a D.C. generator the critical resistance refers to the resistance of

Q7. Breakaway torque in Sychronous motor is equal to

Q8. Full load voltage regulation of a power transformer is zero when the power factor of the load is near

Q9. The motor used in household refrigerators is_______________.

Q10. While plugging d.c. motors ............. connections are reversed.