Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 5

Q1. Tenders are ordinarily invited on tender forms prescribed for the purpose. If any alteration is to be made, it should be done after taking prior sanction of the ________.

Q2. Identify the electrical safety symbol shown in Fig.

Q3. The severity of shock depends on

Q4. What is full form of GEDA?

Q5. Providing information to BEE is the role of energy manager as per

Q6. National Electric Code (NEC) requires bending radius clearance for ................ to ensure the installing electrician has adequate room to make their power connections.

Q7. Which of the following properties is NOT correct for a superconductor in its superconducting stage?

Q8. For insulator the forbidden gap is in order of ?

Q9. The dielectric strength of air under normal conditions is

Q10. Example for Hard magnet are :