Year 2024

Week # 2 Quiz 5

Q1. A string insulator has \(5\) units. The string efficiency is \(75\%\). Find the voltage across the bottom most unit with reference to string voltage.

Q2. P' is the power to be transmitted over an overhead line of length ‘L’ km. For the same power loss and the same voltage between the conductor and the earth, the least conductor material required is in

Q3. A loss less transmission line is operating under no load condition. It has ABCD parameters \(B = 100 \angle 90^\circ\) has a phase shift of \(0.3 \:rad\), what value of shunt reactor is required for compensation of Ferranti effect?

Q4. Horizontal axis windmills of modern design can

Q5. A composite conductor consists of three conductors of radius R each. The conductors are arranged as shown below. The geometric mean radius (GMR) (in cm) of the composite conductor is kR. The value of k is ___________.

Q6. Resistance switching is used in air blast circuit breakers to

Q7. In which of the following configuration power transfer ability is higher?

Q8. Equal area criterion gives the information regarding

Q9. An impedance relay is a

Q10. The induced voltages on the transmission lines due to electrostatic and electromagnetic induction is reduced by