Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 2

Q1. What is the average value of the output voltage \(V_{av}\) of resistive load chopper when the supply voltage is \(V\) and \(T_{on}\) & \(T_{off}\) are the periods of conduction and blocking of thyristor?

Q2. In buck converter, the critical capacitance value of the capacitor 'C' connected across the load is

Q3. A single phase ac controller feeds pure inductive load. Its control angle range

Q4. A freewheeling diode is sometime connected in an inductive load circuit in a half wave rectifiers circuits___________.

Q5. In a constant V/f induction motor drive, the slip at the maximum torque

Q6. For 'n' on-cycles and 'm' off-cycle of single phase AC voltage controller, the input power factor is _______ .

Q7. How much is the ripple frequency in a bridge rectifier with respect to the input frequency?

Q8. A current transformer

Q9. Which of the following transducer is classified as active transducer?

Q10. Identify the instrument that is used for D.C. only?