Year 2024

Week # 3 Quiz 4

Q1. Magnetic amplifiers have the drawback(s) of

Q2. Op-amp used as a tuned amplifier has the tuned circuit connected

Q3. Which of the following statements is FALSE about LED lamps?

Q4. The transistor configuration which provides highest output impedance is:

Q5. The doping level of the zener diode is _________that of a PN junction diode.

Q6. The minimised expression for the given K-map is

Q7. The full scale of a DAC is 10mA. If resolution is to be less than 40 μA, then required bits are

Q8. Dual slope ADC has \(R = 1.8\: K\Omega\) and \(C = 0.66 \:nF\) has charging and discharge times for some voltage is \(11\: ns\) and \(5\: ns\) respectively. The reference Voltage is \(3.2 \:V\). What is the peak voltage reached by a triangular wave during charging?

Q9. The number of 1 in 8-bit representation of 106 in 2’s complement form is \(y\) and that in 1's complement form is \(x\). What is the value of \(x:y\)?

Q10. The hexadecimal number B6C7 is equivalent to decimal number