Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 1

Q1. In measurement of 3-phase power by two wattmeter method, both wattmeter readings are equal. The power factor of the load is

Q2. Lamp A of 100 W, 200 V and lamp B of 40 W, 200 V are connected in series across a 200 V supply. Which lamp will glow brighter?

Q3. One kWh of electric energy equals

Q4. The equivalent circuit representation for the electrical circuit shown in Fig. is

Q5. A 100 watt light bulb burns on average 10 hrs/day for one week. The weekly consumption of energy will be_______kwh.

Q6. A star circuit has element of resistance R/2. The equivalent delta elements will be

Q7. Two wattmeters connected to measure the power in 3 phase balanced delta connected load read \(W_1=12\:KW\) and \(W_2=15 KW\). If same load be connected in star, the wattmeter would read

Q8. The magnitude of sum of two sinusoidal a.c. voltages is equal to 100 volts. The magnitude of each individual voltage is also equal to 100 volts. What must be the phase difference between voltages?

Q9. A coil having 500 turns is coupled with a coil having 1500 turn. If the mutual inductance between them is 5 mH, then find the reluctance of the magnetic circuit.

Q10. Two coils in differential series connection have self inductance of 2mH and 4mH and a mutual inductance of 0.15mH. The equivalent inductance of the combination