Year 2024

Week # 1 Quiz 4

Q1. If the closed-loop transfer function of a control system is given below.

\(T(s) = \frac{(s-5)}{(s+2)(s+3)}\)

The system is

Q2. If the transfer function of a phase lead compensator is \(\frac{(s + a)}{(s + b)}\) and that of a lag compensator is \(\frac{(s + c)}{(s + d)}\), then which of the following sets of conditions must be satisfied?

Q3. A system is stable for

Q4. A conditionally stable system exhibits poor stability at

Q5. Which statement is correct for open loop system?

Q6. In closed loop control system, what is the sensitivity of the gain of the overall system, M to the variation in G?

Q7. What happens If gain of the system is increased?

Q8. Which of the following statements is correct for any closed loop system?

Q9. Which of the following option is also known as anticipatory controller?

Q10. Root locus terminates at