Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 2

Q1. A single phase semi converter has \(400 \sin 314t\) as the input voltage and R as the load. For the firing angle of 60 ˚ for the SCR, the average output voltage is

Q2. Circuit breaker used for over current protection of thyristor operates when the fault current is

Q3. A single phase fully controlled dual converter uses _________ Thyristors.

Q4. How much is the ripple frequency in a bridge rectifier with respect to the input frequency?

Q5. MOSFET are suitably used were

Q6. In boost converter, the critical capacitance value of the capacitor 'C' connected across the load is

Q7. After triggering an SCR, the gate pulse is removed, the current in the SCR will

Q8. A current transformer

Q9. The secondary winding of which of the following transformers is always kept closed?

Q10. Consider the following two statements and identify the correct option.
Statement 1: Piezoelectric transducer requires external power supply for their operation and is not self generating.
Statement 2 : Thermistor do not require any external source of supply for their operation and is self generating.