Year 2024

Week # 4 Quiz 4

Q1. Point charges 50 nC, -40 nC, and 60 nC are located at (-1,0,8), (0,-1.5,0.5), and (1,1, -1), respectively. The total flux leaving a cube of side 4 m centered at the origin is:

Q2. What does the term "system stability" imply in the context of control systems?

Q3. In the Z-Transform, what is the Region of Convergence (ROC) related to?

Q4. \(Sinc(x)\) function is defined as

Q5. The relation among IC (instruction Cycle), FC (Fetch Cycle) and EC (Execute Cycle) is

Q6. Which one of the following statement does not describe property/characteristic of a stack pointer register in 8085 microprocessor?

Q7. In 8085 microprocessor's flag register, bit position of an auxiliary carry flag is ________.

Q8. In a Microprocessor, the address of the new next instruction to be executed is stored in

Q9. What does a loader do in a microprocessor?

Q10. Flag bit in arithmatic unit provide___________.