Q1. Group of eight bits in a binary data is called

Q2. The value of 110111 in decimal system is

Q3. Binary equivalent of decimal 22 is

Q4. 2’s Complement of 10101011 is

Q5. The largest positive number that can be stored in a computer that has 8-bit word length and uses two’s complement arithmetic is

Q6. A four bit number is given as 1001. Its 1’s complement is

Q7. What is the octal equivalent of the binary numbers 10111101

Q8.  If a Hexadecimal number needs to convert to binary. For each hexadecimal digit, there will be how many bits

Q9. Convert the binary number (1111000011110000) to hexadecimal number.

Q10. In BCD addition, 0110 is required to be added to sum for getting the correct result, if