Q1. Stability of non linear system depends on

Q2. Which of the following transfer functions represents under-damped second order systems?

Q3. The step response of a system is \((1+e^{-3t})\). It is cascaded with another control block with impulse response of \(e^{-2t}\). The transfer function of the cascaded combination is

Q4. Lead compensator is used to improve _________

Q5. For the block diagram shown in Figure, the transfer function \(\frac{C(s)}{R(s)}\) is__________.

Q6. A band limited signal is sampled at Nyquist rate. The signal can be recovered by passing the sample through

Q7. In a open loop system, the control action

Q8. Given a unity feedback system with \(G(s) = \frac{k}{s(s+4)}\), the value of k for Damping Ratio of 0.5 is

Q9. Number of roots in left half of s-plane of the characteristic equation \(s^3– 4s^2 + s + 6 = 0\) is

Q10. For a second order system, natural frequency of oscillation is 10 rad/s and damping ratio is 0.1. What is the 2% settling time?