Q1. In control system integrator is represented by

Q2. Two identical first order systems have been cascaded non interactively. The unit step response of the system will be

Q3. A second order control system has a transfer function \(\frac{16}{s^2 + 4s + 16}\). Find the settling time for 2% tolerance?

Q4. A unity feedback system has the open loop transfer function \(G(s) = \frac{1}{(s - 1) (s + 2) (s + 3)}\). The Nyquist Plot of \(G(s)\) encircles the origin

Q5. For the transfer function \(M(s) = s + 2\), the polar plot for \(0 \leq\) \(\omega\) \(\leq\) \(\infty\) is____________.

Q6. Root Locus is locus of the.

Q7. With feedback system,

Q8. If poles are added to the system, where will the system tend to shift the root locus?

Q9. The system with the open loop transfer function \(\frac{1}{s(s + 1)}\) is _______.

Q10. Which control system does not have a stability problem?