Q1. A hydroelectric generating station is supplied from a reservoir with a capacity of \(5000000 \: cubic \: metres\) at a head of 200 metres and total energy available of \(2.044\times106\:kWh\) and water density \(=997\:kg/m^3\). Find out overall efficiency.

Q2. If a 6 m diameter wind turbine rotor has 24 blades, each 0.5 m wide, calculate its solidity.

Q3. Of the following choices, which best describes or defines BIOMASS?

Q4. Natural draft cooling towers are mainly used in

Q5. If the tip of a wind rotor blade is traveling at 45 m/s and the wind speed is 9 m/s, obtain the tip-speed ratio.

Q6. The desirable qualities of a power system are

Q7. How is energy performance of a plant measured?

Q8. As load factor of plant increases cost of energy generation

Q9. The initial cost of an equipment is \(Rs. \: 10,000.00 \) and its scrap value after useful life is zero. The annual rate of depreciation is \(10 \%\). Using diminishing value method, the depreciation charge for the second year is

Q10. \(\mathbf{List-1 \: - Type \: of \: tariff :}\)
A. Block rate
B. Flat rate
C. Two part tariff
D. Power factor tariff

\(\mathbf{List-2 \: - Type \: of \: consumers:}\)
1. Large industrial
2. Medium industrial
3. Domestic and commercial
4. Agricultural and street lighting