Q1. What is the relation between the electrical torque and mechanical torque in steady state?

Q2. The losses in electric machine increases as ________of the linear dimension of machine.

Q3. When a 440/220V transformer is connected to 400 V D.C. supply

Q4. The kVA rating of Three-phase transformer with Voltage = 200V and Current = 100A will be :

Q5. A 40 kVA, single-phase transformer has 901 turns on the primary and 100 turns on the secondary. The primary is connected to a 2000 V, 50 Hz supply. Determine the maximum value of flux.

Q6. The in-rush current in a transformer at no load is maximum if the supply voltage is switched on at

Q7. When load on a transformer is increased, the eddy current

Q8. The inductive reactance of a transformer depends on

Q9. A single phase transformer has a turn ratio of 6. Resistance and reactance of the primary winding are 0.9 ohm and 5 ohm respectively and those of secondary are 0.03 ohm and 0.13 ohm respectively. If 330 V at 50 Hz be applied to HV winding with LV winding short circuited, find current in LV winding.

Q10. The open circuit test of a transformer gives information about