Q1. When the cathode voltage of a thyristor is made more positive than its anode

Q2. A buck-boost converter is operated in the continuous condition mode is steady state with a constant duty ratio D. If \(V_o\) is the magnitude of the DC output voltage and if \(V_s\) is the magnitude of the DC input voltage, the ratio of \(\frac{V_o}{V_s}\) is

Q3. Three phase 6-pulse rectifier is also known as 3-phase,

Q4. In a thyristor the ratio of latching current to holding current is

Q5. The SCR is turned off, when the anode current fall below

Q6. A single phase controller feeds an IM (A) and heater (B), in both loads

Q7. When the firing angle \(\alpha\) of a single phase fully controlled rectifier feeding constant dc current into the load is 30°, the displacement factor of the rectifier is

Q8. The GTO can be turned off

Q9. An SCR chopper circuit supplies power to a DC motor. What will be the nature of motor armature current?

Q10. The latching current of SCR is 20 mA. Its holding current will be