Q1. In the Cylindrical coordinate system, 'z' ranges between____________.

Q2. The total Electric flux through any closed surface surrounding charges would equal to the amount of charge enclosed. The above illustration is known as

Q3. Which of the following is not maxwell’s equation (Here \(E \) represents electrical field, \(B\) represents magnetic field, \(\varepsilon\) represents epsilon, \(\rho\) represents charge density)?

Q4. Magnitude of dipole moment \(| p |\) is given as                     .

Q5. Which of following is vector quantity ?
1. Divergence
2. Gradient
3. Curl
4. Directional derivative

Q6. Cylindrical coordinates are represented in terms of                     .

Q7. If work done Wmn is zero, then \(V_N\) and \(V_M\) are related as               .

Q8. The potential inside the hollow charged sphere is

Q9. In the cylindrical co-ordinate system, z ranges between

Q10. Point charges of 1.5 μC each are located at A(2, 0, 0), B(-2, 0,0), C(0, 2, 0), and D(0, −2, 0) in freespace. Find the total force on the charge at A.