Q1. As per Electricity Act, ____________means any line which is used for carrying electricity for any purpose.

Q2. The following is a Transmission Company:

Q3. How reactive power is charged by state electricity distribution companies?

Q4. According to Indian Electricity Act, the permissible voltage drop at the consumer terminals of a distribution feeder is

Q5. As per the electricity rules, 1956 for low voltage and medium voltage lines, no conductor of an overhead line, including service lines, erected across a street shall at any part there of be at a height of less than...

Q6. According to the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, Gas pressure type protection to given alarm and tripping shall be provided on all transformers of ratings _______.

Q7. According to electricity rule, which type of pole is not used in overhead line?

Q8. Which Chapter of the Gujarat Electricity Industry (Reorganization and Regulation) Act, 2003 deals with Tariff?

Q9. Which out of the following is not a function of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission

Q10. The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) is mainly responsible for: