Q1. According to the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, which transformers shall be protected against incipient faults by differential protection?

Q2. In the 'Electricity Act 2003' Part VII discusses about

Q3. The following is a Transmission Company:

Q4. As per Electricity Act, _____________means a process which simultaneously produces two or more forms of useful energy (including electricity).

Q5. Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments under Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprise in located at -

Q6. As per Electricity Act,______________ means a person who has been granted a license to undertake trading in electricity under section 12.

Q7. The Electricity Act is applicable in __________________.

Q8. Which equipment is not given Star labeling by Bureau of Energy Efficiency ?

Q9. A systematic approach for decision making in the area of energy management which attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its used and quantifies the energy usage on the basis of its discrete functions is called.

Q10. According to Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission, the voltages at the point of commencement of supply to a consumer with reference to the declared voltage should be within the limits,