Q1. The net charge on a neutral atom of an element will be _______.

Q2. According to free electron theory, electron in a metal are subjected to

Q3. Liquid crystal material is used in

Q4. A barium titanate crystal has a thickness of 2 mm. Its voltage sensitivity is \(12 \times 10^{-3} \:V-m/N\). It is subjected to a pressure of \(0.5 \:MN/m^2\). What is the voltage generated?

Q5. Nichrome is an alloy of

Q6. Mercury as an electric contact material is

Q7. What type of magnetic behavior is observed in a type-I superconductor?

Q8. Insulating materials have the function of

Q9. The dielectric strength of air under normal conditions is

Q10. Controlled addition of group III element to an elemental semiconductor results in the formation of