Q1. The Region of Convergence (ROC) of the Z-transform of the discrete time sequence

\(x(n)= \left ( \frac{1}{3} \right )^n \:u(n)-\left (\frac{1}{2}\right )^n\:u(-n-1)\) is

Q2. The Fourier series expansion of periodic function with half wave symmetry contains only

Q3. The region of convergence of the Z-transform of a unit step function is

Q4. The Laplace transform of \(e^{-at} \sin \omega t \:u(t)\) is:

Q5. Which condition determines the causality of the LTI system in terms of its impulse response?

Q6. In this filter, the output is a function of ‘m’ past inputs and ‘k’ past outputs.

Q7. If the frequency spectrum of a function is discrete, then the function is

Q8. The Fourier transform of a DC signal \(x(t) = A\) is

Q9. A band-limited signal with a maximum frequency of 5 kHz is to be sampled. According to the sampling theorem, the sampling frequency in kHz which is not valid is

Q10. The type of systems which are characterized by input and the output quantized at certain levels are called as