Q1. Find the current in \(R_2\) of the given circuit, using the superposition theorem.

Q2. According to final value theorem the final value f(\(\infty\)) of a function is given by

Q3. A RLC series circuit at resonance frequency remains.

Q4. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor does not depend upon

Q5. In R-L-C series circuit max voltage across the capacitor occurs at a frequency

Q6. Electrostatic field is________ a perfect conductor.

Q7. The curve representing ohm's law is

Q8. Power absorbed in a pure inductive circuit is zero because

Q9. KCL works on the principle of which of the following

Q10. Two capacitors of 2 \(\mu\)F and 3 \(\mu\)F are charged to 150 V and 120 V respectively, as shown in fig. An uncharged capacitor of capacity 1.5 \(\mu\)F falls to the free end of wire. Then which is wrong statement?