Q1. The use of________ instruments is merely confined within Laboratories as standardizing instrument:

Q2. Which of the following current transformers should saturate faster.

Q3. A Wattmeter is reading backwards in an experiment. Upscale reading can be obtained by reversing

Q4. Before disconnecting an ammeter from an energized current transformer circuit, the current transformer

Q5. The resolution of an indicating instrument is

Q6. Induction wattmeter can measure

Q7. In Kelvin double bridge, two sets of readings are taken when measuring a low resistance, one with the current in one direction and the other with direction of current reversed. This is done to eliminate the effect of

Q8. If a resistor is known to be of 100 Ω and has a possible error of ± 10 Ω, then this ± 10 Ω is what type of error?

Q9. Two voltmeters A and B having resistance 4000 Ω and 6000 Ω respectively are jointed in series across 200 V supply. The voltage across the two voltmeters will be___________.

Q10. A potentiometer may be used for