Q11. The most commonly used transistor circuit is

Q12. The instantaneous operating point swings along

Q13. Which of the following is NOT true for a common collector transistor?

Q14. In a common emitter amplifier, unbypassed emitter resistance provides

Q15. Which type of EB biasing and CB biasing is used for the application of ON switching?

Q16. When transistors are used in digital circuits they usually operate in the ___________.

Q17. A silicon transistor is biased with base resistor method. If \(\beta = 100, \:V_{BE} =0.7 V,\) zero signal collector current \(I_C = 2\: mA\) and\( V_{CC} = 10V\) , what is the value of the base resistor\( R_B\)?

Q18. The quiescent point Q in a voltage amplifier is selected in the middle of active region

Q19. FET can be used as a

Q20. Which of the following is a characteristic of a reverse biased p-n junction?