Q21. If the ripple factor of the output wave of a rectifier is low, it means that

Q22. When a diode is forward biased

Q23. Thermal runaway is not possible in FET because as the temperature of FET increases

Q24. Guard driving reduces the

Q25. In the circuit, the transistor has a large \(\beta\) value \((V_{BE} = 0.7V)\). Find the current through \(R_C\).

Q26. Schmitt trigger is basically

Q27. A half wave rectifier circuit with capacitive filter is connected to 200V, 50 Hz ac line the output voltage across the capacitor should be approximately

Q28. The semiconductors and insulating material are having________ temperature coefficient of resistance. therefore, the resistance of semiconductors and insulators_________with rise in temperature.

Q29. Phase difference between the output and input voltage of Common Emitter (CE) Amplifier is

Q30. An astable multivibrator has